They shall mount up with wings as eagles…

I can’t believe I am officially homeschooling four kids now.  That’s a lot.  Our first day went really well.  Zion’s actual lesson time lasted around 45 minutes.  After we start to go along, the lessons will get a bit longer.  I was really surprised about how cooperative he was through our whole lesson.  I was sure he was going to give me a bit of trouble since he usually doesn’t even like to sit and listen to picture books, but I think he enjoyed the one-on-one time with me.

Zion learned about the first day of Creation today.  For snack, we had oreo cookies twisted apart to represent light and dark.  I think that was Zion’s favorite part.  He also listened to a story, learned about seasons, and worked on the letters a-a-A and b-b-B.

The big kids are still doing their lighter, summer version of homeschool.  This week they are working on Bible, Writing, Independent Reading, Spelling, Math and Science (twice a week).  Next week we will start adding back in our Sonlight lessons and the week after that, we will add Switched On Schoolhouse.  After that, we will be up to full time homeschooling.

Lincoln spent school time taking a nice nap, while Israel played with daddy on the computer.  Overall, it was a great start to Zion’s school

Zion working on his "Creation" worksheet










Zion's "Current Week" Lesson materials












One of the HS shelves. The top is all Zion's things, the bottom right is Zion's and the bottom left is the big kids'











Jacy, Gabriel and Promise doing spelling












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