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My Father’s World – Creation Part 2


Tuesday was a busy day.  We got up early, well early for us, so we could make it to the Omaha Children’s Museum by 9AM.  They have member’s hours from 9AM – 10AM and it is a lot less busy to go then.  Not to mention much easier to find a parking space.  We met up with a couple other homeschoolers and met a new family as well.  Its bad, but I love that public school is back in session.  The museum was much slower than it had been all summer, and the parks are emptier too.  Just homeschoolers usually.

Tuesday also meant that Zion was studying day 2 of Creation in which God created the sky and water.  Of course the highlight of the day was snack; marshmallows (for sky/clouds) and water (well, for water LOL).

In knitting related news, I’ve been knitting on a super secret test knitting project.  The ending garment will be for Jacy.  Its purple.  But that is all I can share for now.


Wednesday morning we went to the park for a homeschoolers meetup and to let the kids burn off some steam.  I should h

ave brought my camera to take pictures, but its hard to juggle Lincoln and a camera, even if he is riding in his carrier.

We did school in the afternoon, after our nap/reading time because I was pooped after being out all morning.  Then we had snack, of course, but I mucked up the original idea.  We were supposed to have dirt cup snacks (pudding and crushed Oreos mixed) to represent God making the land and the plants, but I forgot pudding needs milk.  And per usual, we ran out of milk the day before and it wouldn’t be milk day until Thursday.  So we just had Oreos since we had them.  I didn’t hear any complaints from the peanut gallery.  Usually, we don’t have such unhealthy snacks, but I figured this was a special occasion with Zion starting school and all.


Milk day!  We just started going out to a farm to get raw milk and I love it.  I had been wanting to get it for the longest time, but just hadn’t been able to make the commitment.  Between getting our CSA this year and switching to raw milk, we’ve really started eating a whole lot better.

Zion was really interested in his letters today.  He has been exposed to Aa – Hh now.  He was having fun matching his little letter cards with his master alphabet list and his flashcards.  He doesn’t like to say their names (or sounds) but will happily match them up and he seems to grasp lower case and upper case, although he calls them little and big.  For snack, we had cheese, crackers and banana slices to represent the sun, moon and stars being created. The cheese for the moon, the crackers for stars and the banana for the sun.

Oh and I nearly forgot.  Gabriel and Promise had a play-date with a couple of friends from our homeschooling group.  I am so glad Gabriel has found himself a little friend all his own.  He’s shy and has been kinda feeling left out lately since Jacy and Promise both have close friends.

Fridays are our day off, or catch up day.  We are all caught up, so they are done with their school week.  Yay.  Maybe we will do some science before the big kids head off for camping, just for fun of course.

Okay, now for some pictures of school work being done, snacks being eaten and Lincoln enjoying a banana.

Promise’s Reading List

  • The Care and Keeping of You
  • Amelia Bedelia Collection

Jacy’s Reading List

  • Encyclopedia Brown #1

Gabriel’s Reading List

  • Pokemon Jr Novel
  • Legend Of Zelda comic written by Jacy