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Photo Challenge Day 3

Today’s photography challenge is “clouds.”  I think every one did a great job despite the fact that there was barely any clouds out at all today.  I hope you enjoy our photographs and join us tomorrow for day 4.





Earlier today we visited the Swanson Library since the two closest to our house were not open.  It had been a long time since I have visited.  We will be going to this branch again soon.  They had lots of fun toy to occupy the little boys while the rest of us browsed the shelves.  My favorite part was a small display of my favorite American Girl Doll, Felicity.  Whats best is that it is a really early doll, plus some of her coveted accessories.  Makes me want to get a job there just so I can play with her.  They also have a lovely display of many old and out of print books.

This afternoon, we did a couple fun activities to occupy our time.  First we played with some dry beans and un-popped popcorn.  The little boys especially liked the dumping, pouring and filling.  The big boys even joined us for while.  Zion really liked doing this and even added our stones and clothes pins to the mixture.  Of course, he got kind of wild at one point…dumping beans on his face over and over.  Silly boy.

Playing with the beans

While Israel was napping, I took the quiet opportunity to make a Drop Box, something I had read about at the Play at Home Mom.  It’s hard to tell from the photograph, but there are little holes cut into the top of a printer box.  Above each box, I wrote a letter, shape, color or number.  Then, on seashells we got at the thrift store, I wrote upper and lowercase letters, dots for each number and matching colors/shapes.  I added some other small items to the container of “droppables” just for fun.  Promise seemed to like helping Israel match the seashell letters up to their proper box.  Israel liked this project the best out of all the kids.  We will definitely be doing more of the ideas from the PAHM