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The Bored Jar Project

I found a link to a “Bored Jar” on Pinterest and finally got around to making it up.  The kids love it.  Even the not-so-fun activities.  So far they’ve played dress up, built a structure with paper and tape, done a good deed, folded laundry, pulled weeds, built a fort with blankets and pillows and cut paper into teeny tiny pieces.  And oh boy, now I get to go help Promise make a craft.  Check out the template here.  I also found more activity ideas here.   Have fun!

Gabriel in his fort

We’ve been up to all kinds of craziness over here.  Yesterday we spent the morning at the Children’s Museum and then the whole afternoon at the park with homeschool friends.  It was such a gorgeous day out, that we really couldn’t spend it playing in the house.

Monday was Gabriel’s 10th birthday.  Happy Birthday Gabriel!  We actually spent sunday celebrating with cake and presents since that was daddy’s day off work.  He got so many great toys and we even made a Lego cake together.

Somehow yesterday, the topic of tessellations came up, so I showed Jacy a simple way to make them using a notecard as a template.  Basically you cut off one side of the card (like to make a snowflake) then slide it to the other side and tape it on carefully so the two straight sides match up.  Then trace away.  I even found a neat tessellation website maker.  They really didn’t use it to make tessellations, but found it better to make mosaic pictures, still it was a neat site.

We’ve spent nearly every night for the past week playing Yahtzee together as a family.  Promise and Gabriel are naturals at the game.  So many great math lessons built into such a fun game: probability, statistics, addition, and multiplication.  Between that and Trivial Pursuit Jr, we’ve been busy with board games. I got the kids a few more board games for Christmas, but I might pull one or two out early to play.

Last thing, Jason was finally moved to a real day shift.  Yay for getting off work at supper time, instead of after bedtime!