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The Legend of Baby Link

Lincoln has been up to all kinds of growing. He has figured out how to pull himself up onto his knees in various places, like along my desk chair, holding onto a magazine rack and onto the dishwasher.

He also is cutting his first tooth. You’d hardly know it. Thank goodness for Baltic Amber Teething necklaces. Lincoln’s is from Hazelaid, but Israel wears one from Inspired by Finn. Both seem to work equally well. The only difference is that the beads on the Hazelaid are graduated larger in the front and smaller in the back. The one from Inspired by Finn, all the beads are the same larger size.

I finally put together Lincoln’s Halloween costume. He is Link, from The Legend of Zelda. Appropriate I think.

The hat is made using  The Hudson Hat! by Lindsay Baker . The yarn is Plymouth Worsted wool

His cardigan is the Seamless Infant Kimono by Carina Spencer. The yarn is a really soft acrylic I harvested from a thrift store sweater.

His pants are a pair I made for Israel a couple of years ago. The pattern I used was Perfection Pants by Pamela Grossman. The yarn is a 100% wool I harvested from another thrift store sweater.

I used a button band pulled off a sweater for his sheath belt.


I haven’t had a knitting post lately. I think it’s about time.  I’ve been busy knitting all kinds of fun things.

First up is a pair of gauntlets.  I only took a picture of one, but you get the idea.  The pattern is Toast by Leslie Friend.  The yarn is from one of my Stash Menagerie Club shipments from Three Irish Girls.  How I love the 3IG yarns.  The yarn that month was Glenhaven Cashmerino worsted dyed in the “Parisienne” colorway.  So soft and silky.  I will probably make more of gauntlets like this because they are cute, easy to knit and keep my arms and hands pretty warm.

With the leftovers, I made a super cute skirt for one of Promise’s dolls for Christmas.  The pattern is Lacy Flouncy Skirt by Kristen Renneker.

Once again, another yarn from 3IG: organic cotton/bamboo in “hug’o’war”.  Oh so soft.  I wish I would have ordered more because the yarn would have made a great tank top.  The pattern I used was Wedding Washcloths by Purl Soho.  I ended up being able to make 3 1/2 dishcloths.  The last one was only a 1/2 but still a good side for a dishcloth.  In hindsight, I think I should have made a bib for Lincoln.  Maybe next time.

Last up is another gift for Promise for Christmas.  This time I made a cute little dolly cape for her new doll that is coming in the mail.  Shhhhhh!  Dont tell.  The yarn is cheapy Red Heart Super Saver and the pattern is Kit’s Christmas Cape by Cathy Bird.  I think I’d like to make her another one, but in a more drape-y yarn and make it a longer length.  It would be really cute if I could make one for each of her dolls so they could be warm this winter 😉

The Bored Jar Project

I found a link to a “Bored Jar” on Pinterest and finally got around to making it up.  The kids love it.  Even the not-so-fun activities.  So far they’ve played dress up, built a structure with paper and tape, done a good deed, folded laundry, pulled weeds, built a fort with blankets and pillows and cut paper into teeny tiny pieces.  And oh boy, now I get to go help Promise make a craft.  Check out the template here.  I also found more activity ideas here.   Have fun!

Gabriel in his fort

We’ve been up to all kinds of craziness over here.  Yesterday we spent the morning at the Children’s Museum and then the whole afternoon at the park with homeschool friends.  It was such a gorgeous day out, that we really couldn’t spend it playing in the house.

Monday was Gabriel’s 10th birthday.  Happy Birthday Gabriel!  We actually spent sunday celebrating with cake and presents since that was daddy’s day off work.  He got so many great toys and we even made a Lego cake together.

Somehow yesterday, the topic of tessellations came up, so I showed Jacy a simple way to make them using a notecard as a template.  Basically you cut off one side of the card (like to make a snowflake) then slide it to the other side and tape it on carefully so the two straight sides match up.  Then trace away.  I even found a neat tessellation website maker.  They really didn’t use it to make tessellations, but found it better to make mosaic pictures, still it was a neat site.

We’ve spent nearly every night for the past week playing Yahtzee together as a family.  Promise and Gabriel are naturals at the game.  So many great math lessons built into such a fun game: probability, statistics, addition, and multiplication.  Between that and Trivial Pursuit Jr, we’ve been busy with board games. I got the kids a few more board games for Christmas, but I might pull one or two out early to play.

Last thing, Jason was finally moved to a real day shift.  Yay for getting off work at supper time, instead of after bedtime!




The Craziness

This last week has been crazy.  The kids went camping over the weekend with grandma.  They went to the drive-in for the first time.  They  thought it was super cool.  What an experience!  It got really cold over night, so they all came home with a case of the sniffles.  They’ll survive.

Yesterday, they had a playdate at another homeschooling family’s house.  Ten kids in one house is very loud and very fun.    It is funny how full their social calendar is.  Pretty much everyday on in my date book has something written on it.  If not a homeschooling meetup, it’ll be a play group, or a trip to the library, or a weekend away with Grandma and Grandpa.  They are much busier than I am, that’s for sure.

While the kids were away, Jason and I talked about the kid’s school work.  We decided to let them have a little more say in their education, like what they are learning about.  So rather than stuffing their heads full of things they aren’t interested in yet, we are going to follow their interests a bit more.  At the very least, keeping in mind what they like when I am finalizing lesson plans.  This all came to mind because last week, Jason did a fun side lesson with them about the origins of Martial Arts.  The big boys really liked it and retained a lot of the things they learned.  Not only are they remembering nearly everything Jason is teaching them (and discovering right along with them) it is leading them to be interested in other things.  Jacy already expressed some interest in learning about how swords are made so we are going to spend some time learning about that.  Hopefully I can find a couple of videos and/or books about it.  If the Renaissance Faire is coming up, we could go watch swords being made.

Onto my knitting 😀  I finished the super secret object for Jacy.  You can see a close up shot of the color, but that’s it until the pattern is published.

Now I am making a pair of longies for Lincoln.  He desperately needs more pants since he isn’t quite grown into Israel’s hand-me-down pairs.  The yarn is Lindon Merino in the Jack colorway from Three Irish Girls.  I had been dying to get a my hands on some.  A good friend of mine gifted me two skeins just because.  I love it.

Speaking of Lincoln, he learned a new trick.  He can sit up now.  He does timber over every now and again, but he does pretty good.  Sitting up to play is so much more fun that rolling around on the floor.

Since the kids were on their mini-vacation, we put the photo challenge on hold for a couple days.  We’ll try to start up again tomorrow.

ETA: I don’t know what the deal is with the pictures.  I am trying to fix them.  Grrrr

Well, if you click the pictures, it shows the correct picture


My Father’s World – Creation Part 2


Tuesday was a busy day.  We got up early, well early for us, so we could make it to the Omaha Children’s Museum by 9AM.  They have member’s hours from 9AM – 10AM and it is a lot less busy to go then.  Not to mention much easier to find a parking space.  We met up with a couple other homeschoolers and met a new family as well.  Its bad, but I love that public school is back in session.  The museum was much slower than it had been all summer, and the parks are emptier too.  Just homeschoolers usually.

Tuesday also meant that Zion was studying day 2 of Creation in which God created the sky and water.  Of course the highlight of the day was snack; marshmallows (for sky/clouds) and water (well, for water LOL).

In knitting related news, I’ve been knitting on a super secret test knitting project.  The ending garment will be for Jacy.  Its purple.  But that is all I can share for now.


Wednesday morning we went to the park for a homeschoolers meetup and to let the kids burn off some steam.  I should h

ave brought my camera to take pictures, but its hard to juggle Lincoln and a camera, even if he is riding in his carrier.

We did school in the afternoon, after our nap/reading time because I was pooped after being out all morning.  Then we had snack, of course, but I mucked up the original idea.  We were supposed to have dirt cup snacks (pudding and crushed Oreos mixed) to represent God making the land and the plants, but I forgot pudding needs milk.  And per usual, we ran out of milk the day before and it wouldn’t be milk day until Thursday.  So we just had Oreos since we had them.  I didn’t hear any complaints from the peanut gallery.  Usually, we don’t have such unhealthy snacks, but I figured this was a special occasion with Zion starting school and all.


Milk day!  We just started going out to a farm to get raw milk and I love it.  I had been wanting to get it for the longest time, but just hadn’t been able to make the commitment.  Between getting our CSA this year and switching to raw milk, we’ve really started eating a whole lot better.

Zion was really interested in his letters today.  He has been exposed to Aa – Hh now.  He was having fun matching his little letter cards with his master alphabet list and his flashcards.  He doesn’t like to say their names (or sounds) but will happily match them up and he seems to grasp lower case and upper case, although he calls them little and big.  For snack, we had cheese, crackers and banana slices to represent the sun, moon and stars being created. The cheese for the moon, the crackers for stars and the banana for the sun.

Oh and I nearly forgot.  Gabriel and Promise had a play-date with a couple of friends from our homeschooling group.  I am so glad Gabriel has found himself a little friend all his own.  He’s shy and has been kinda feeling left out lately since Jacy and Promise both have close friends.

Fridays are our day off, or catch up day.  We are all caught up, so they are done with their school week.  Yay.  Maybe we will do some science before the big kids head off for camping, just for fun of course.

Okay, now for some pictures of school work being done, snacks being eaten and Lincoln enjoying a banana.

Promise’s Reading List

  • The Care and Keeping of You
  • Amelia Bedelia Collection

Jacy’s Reading List

  • Encyclopedia Brown #1

Gabriel’s Reading List

  • Pokemon Jr Novel
  • Legend Of Zelda comic written by Jacy

Belle Skirt for Promise

I am so excited about this project.  At the end of June, I test knit a skirt for a favorite designer of mine, Elena Nodel. I’ve been waiting for the pattern to go live so I could share the finished results.  Here is the link to the official pattern page:

I absolutely loved knitting this skirt and it was another chance for me to practice knitting a provisional cast on which I haven’t quite completely mastered.

I really love the results, especially the length.  It is so hard to find skirts long enough for Promise since she is so skinny.  The size for her waist is always much smaller than the size she needs for length.  It was knit from Ever-Match Tapestry Wool  that I found at the thrift store for a steal.  $4.98 for the wool plus some other yarn.  The buttons came from Grandma Trudi’s sewing box that I inherited. I am hoping to find a couple tops to match it.  The colors are so perfect for fall, especially since it is made from wool.  Jason says it looks like vintage Minnesota Vikings colors.

Coming Soon!

Raising Up Eagles