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Belle Skirt for Promise

I am so excited about this project.  At the end of June, I test knit a skirt for a favorite designer of mine, Elena Nodel. I’ve been waiting for the pattern to go live so I could share the finished results.  Here is the link to the official pattern page:

I absolutely loved knitting this skirt and it was another chance for me to practice knitting a provisional cast on which I haven’t quite completely mastered.

I really love the results, especially the length.  It is so hard to find skirts long enough for Promise since she is so skinny.  The size for her waist is always much smaller than the size she needs for length.  It was knit from Ever-Match Tapestry Wool  that I found at the thrift store for a steal.  $4.98 for the wool plus some other yarn.  The buttons came from Grandma Trudi’s sewing box that I inherited. I am hoping to find a couple tops to match it.  The colors are so perfect for fall, especially since it is made from wool.  Jason says it looks like vintage Minnesota Vikings colors.