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Some Things That Keep Us Occupied

A couple of weeks ago, Jacy requested that I make black playdoh.  I think he wanted to make some character that needed black.  We had made playdoh previously using a recipe for a, but had made it using colors I already had on hand.  Like pink and blue.  Our local grocery store didn’t have black food coloring, but Amazon did!

I love the way it turned out.  The black color was so rich and vibrant (for black) and we used Root Beer flavoring to give it a nice smell.  After they get bored with the plain black, my plan is to add some glitter to it so we can have some sparkly playdoh.

Izzy showing me his new playdoh

Zion making something

Jacy making some kind of monster while he talks to papa on the phone

My kids love to craft.  They have a giant box of craftable things in their toy room that they are free to use whenever they want to.  Most of the stuff is recyclable or things we’d ordinarily toss out.  I keep a small bin in the kitchen to catch smaller items like bottle caps, twist ties, bread clips, etc.  Sometimes I purchase a few goodies to toss in the box as well, like pom-poms or pipe-cleaners.  I am constantly on the look out for “treasures” at the thrift store or while out shopping.  I’d like the kids to start adding more organic materials to their box like pinecones, seeds, leaves, nuts and so on.

Gabriel showing off his airplane. Made 100% from "garbage"

Promise made some butterfly wings from paper and yarn

So they say mother is the necessity of invention.  This was one of those days.  I had two really bored, really cranky little boys in my house.  And they needed a new project.  I gave one of them a bowl of rolled oats (uncooked) and the other a bowl of white flour that we had bought for playdoh making and two spoons.  Oh they fun they had with their new “toy.”   At first, they played independently, and then they started mixing the oatmeal and the flour together.  After a while, to my dismay, Zion got the idea to add water.  Oh the mess they made, but they had a fun time and it all washed away easily the next time it rained.