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More Fall Bucket List


I have no idea where I saw this idea.  If I remember, I will give proper credit to the idea maker.  The idea is simple:  Dip scraps of yarn in school glue and paste on a bowl sort of like making a pinata.  After the bowl is covered well, set out to dry.  You can put them in a low oven to dry the glue faster, but I wasn’t sure if our bowl was oven safe.  After the glue is all dry, peel the yarn bowl away from the cereal bowl.  It hold its shape pretty good.  Promise has hers setting on her dresser holding some knickknacks.

Making her yarn bowl

Promise has been very interested in completing everything from our Fall Bucket List, so she decided she needed to make “leaf art.”  I didn’t give her any instruction on how to do leaf art.  She decided on gluing pretty leaves to paper.  Leaf art completed!

Leaf art

We also made applesauce in the crock pot.  Super duper easy.  This is my “recipe”:

  • Peel, core and slice some apples, put them into crock pot
  • add some water and cinnamon
  • cook on high for a bit.  stirring occasionally.  I think it took about 1 – 2 hours for the apples to get soft.  I really wasn’t paying much attention.
  • use immersion blender until consistency of your choice
  • add a splash of vanilla and serve hot or cold.

You can add a bit of lemon juice at the beginning to help it from browning too much.  I prefer my applesauce hot right out of the crock pot, but it’s just as good cold.  It makes the house smell like autumn while it is cooking.

Promise and Zion peeling the apples

More peeling

So Far Behind


I am shamelessly behind in my blogging.  We’ve just been so busy with life lately.  Anyhow, on to the blogging…

Earlier in the fall I came across this really cute Fall Bucket List on Pinterest.  I backtracked it to its creator and found that here Loves of Life.   We’ve been checking stuff off one by one slowly throughout the season.  So far we have done :

*Apple Picking

*Leaf Art


*Corn Maze

*Pumpkin Patch (times 2)

Most recently, we made caramel apples.  Yum yum!  Next year I am going to try to make our own caramel because the store-bought stuff is always too sticky and just falls right off the apple.  Must be that milkmaid brand.

Our yummy, super unhealthy toppings

Promise's finished apple


Israel preferred the toppings over the actual apples

Here are some of our pictures from our apple picking.  This was so much fun.  I cannot wait to go back again.  The apples were delicious.  We went to the TS&M Apple Orchard here in Bellevue, NE.  If you are close by, I highly recommend the Jon-a-red apples.  So good.  Even Zion, my non-fruit/veg eating child, loved these.

After we picked our 3 apples apiece, we got to watch a cider press demonstration.  Unfortunately, cider has to be pasteurized before it is sold, but all the adults got to sneak a sip of the yummy fresh cider.  The kids got to try some pre-bottled pasteurized cider.  I need to get us a press so we can make real, unpasteurized cider.  It was amazingly fresh and tasty.

Cider press

Gabriel at the orchard

The trees were really neat.  They were all dwarf varieties so they won’t get much taller.  I think they said these trees were either 5 or 6 years old already.  Their short size makes it easy for people to pick on their own without trucks.  I think I want a grove for our front yard.