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Come Write with Us!

Preview of journal page from

I love Pinterest.  I come across the best things, and it’s easy for me to find the things I’ve pinned since I can scan for “pins” easily on my boards.  Something I pinned recently was some really neat journal page printables.  Technically, they are meant for adults, but I thought the kids would enjoy doing them as writing exercises.  We’ve done two days so far, and they seem to be liking the newness of them.  Especially since before we were just doing straight journal writing.  Sometimes I chose the topic, sometimes they got to choose the topic.  Gabriel still needs a lot of help in the writing department, so whatever gets his pencil to paper is good.  We might even do these on non-school days.  Imagine that!

After we finish up with these journal pages, I will be on the hunt for some good writing prompts.  I am always up to suggestions.