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30 Day Photo Challenge

I came across this blog post about a 30 Day Photography Challenge, on Pinterest recently.  What a perfect thing to get my kids taking more unique photographs (not that they need much help in that department).  We started today with “self portraits”.  I think they turned out fantastic.  Hopefully I will keep on top of this and post our challenge pictures daily.  Next up for tomorrow: “what you wore today.”

Yesterday, the kids and I went to a couple thrift store in search of treasures and boy did we find some!   Everything in the picture we found at the thrift store except one jar (it used to be a jar of honey that i d been saving.  Going left to right:  Clay pot filled with polished stones, tall jar full of sea shells, unpainted wooden house, basket (that we filled with cooking utensils, stuffed fake fruit, and small pie tins), a punch of old school clothes pins (not the pinchy kind) and a peg board.  And that is just the stuff pictured.  We also got a big paper umbrella, a light house bird house, tons of books, a new shower curtain, and the best thing ever, a Cow Wheelie Bug for Lincoln.  Brand new cost: $80.  Goodwill price: $5.99