They shall mount up with wings as eagles…

Lincoln has been up to all kinds of growing. He has figured out how to pull himself up onto his knees in various places, like along my desk chair, holding onto a magazine rack and onto the dishwasher.

He also is cutting his first tooth. You’d hardly know it. Thank goodness for Baltic Amber Teething necklaces. Lincoln’s is from Hazelaid, but Israel wears one from Inspired by Finn. Both seem to work equally well. The only difference is that the beads on the Hazelaid are graduated larger in the front and smaller in the back. The one from Inspired by Finn, all the beads are the same larger size.

I finally put together Lincoln’s Halloween costume. He is Link, from The Legend of Zelda. Appropriate I think.

The hat is made using  The Hudson Hat! by Lindsay Baker . The yarn is Plymouth Worsted wool

His cardigan is the Seamless Infant Kimono by Carina Spencer. The yarn is a really soft acrylic I harvested from a thrift store sweater.

His pants are a pair I made for Israel a couple of years ago. The pattern I used was Perfection Pants by Pamela Grossman. The yarn is a 100% wool I harvested from another thrift store sweater.

I used a button band pulled off a sweater for his sheath belt.

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