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A Little Something Sweet

Okay, so I know this has nothing to do with homeschooling, but I had to share.   I am a big fan of the Dating Diva’s.  They do these adorable dating ideas for their spouses and then blog about them. Often times, they leave these little sweet notes around for their husbands using play on words for products their spouse like.  Since Jason has to work late tonight, and I won’t see him before I go to bed, I thought it might be fun to leave him a couple of snacks on the counter for him after work.

I hope he likes them, because I think they are simply adorable.  I am sorry, but I didn’t save my printables because I don’t think that its legal to use logos from products.  The companies might frown upon that 😉  I just used google docs and uploaded images I found on the internet.  It was super, duper easy.  I printed it on white paper and mounted the little phrases on some of my scrapbook paper.

So here is the whole spread.  The whey protein powder is actually for breakfast, but I couldn’t leave out the cute pun 🙂

The Cool Ranch Doritos

We are too COOL together

 The soda!  I had to tape this one on with packing tape because the glue stick wasn’t strong enough.

“I am *SODA* in love with you”

His favorite jerky sticks.

“I wanted to *TABASCO* to be mine”

And for breakfast when I get up.  Hee!

“You and I go *WHEY* back”

I think they turned out fantastic and are a little something to show my honey how much I love him.  Check out the Dating Divas.  They just had a post recently that had all kinds of printables for candy bars that are *much* more professional looking than my tags.