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The Beginnings of Woodworking

Jacy thought it might be fun to build some things using some scrap wool and nails we had lying around in the garage.  Great idea I think.  Plus it is keeping him awful busy outside during the last few nice days of the season before it gets cold and nasty.

First, he build a TV and a chair.  They are solid pieces of furniture.  He did a great job.

Jacy building

After Jacy was done building for a bit, Gabriel had an idea to nail boards to the tree.  What a great way to make a ladder into the tree.   They already loved climbing the tree, but this allows them to get up there without using my deck chair.  They were even clever enough to use two nails per board so the board doesn’t spin on the trunk.  Maybe one of these days soon I can talk Daddy into teaching them how to use a saw properly.